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The world is changing fast. And with it, the culture of working. The 21st-century work culture is dynamic, fast-paced and more collaborative than ever before. The world is not segmented into cubicles anymore. It’s open and inviting. And the right work environment makes all the difference in getting the best out of your day’s work.

Co+Lab is here to make that difference. Located at what could only be termed as Dhaka’s most prime location, soaring high right in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone, Co+Lab is a Shared office in Dhaka that’s only a 5-minute walk from European embassies and right beside the American Center.

Co+Lab is a coworking space that offers you that perfect balance between fast-paced work environment and the relaxed time that you need off from your task list. Whether you are a digital nomad or a team of corporate hustlers, our specialised workspaces for each type offers you a maximum level of efficiency.

From ergonomic furniture designed to get the most out of your workday to a fully equipped break room that overlooks the US Embassy, an office decor that combines industrial architecture with pop culture art elements to ornament the walls, complete with a dedicated cafeteria, Co+Lab it that coworking space in Dhaka which has got that perfect mix for every need.

Co+Lab is a platform where an independent professional can feel like being in his own furnished office. A shared space where the corporate hustlers can take a break from their monotonous cubicles. Come join us in revolutionising the work culture of Bangladesh. Forget the logistics of office rent and setting up workstations. Invest in your productivity and collaborations. Welcome on board.

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Your Comfort is Our Priority

Meeting Rooms

Dedicated space suitable for professional conferences and casual get-togethers among others is available for use. Meetings are an essential part...

High Speed Internet

Fast and secure internet service is provided with minimum packet loss and peak performance across all devices. One of the perks of being located...

Mail Service

Co+ Lab focuses on customer service as a focal point of its service. And a prompt, responsive Mail service forms a strong aspect of said service...


Pleasant environment with quality baked and confectionery goods along with refreshing brews and drinks available.

Breakout Area

Spacious and amiable environment available for hosting various events. The facilities are available to cater to your specific needs.

Unlimited Tea Coffee

Unlimited refreshments are offered for the extent of your stay. Here at Co+Lab, we understand the importance of keeping your creative juices...


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House No – 6 (5th  Floor), Rd No 2/B,
Block J, Baridhara, Dhaka – 1212.




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